Bronchitis Treatment for Babies

It is important for a pediatrician to see a sick baby. Every health condition is dangerous for a baby since his or her immune system is not yet fully developed. This makes the physician’s right prescription and diagnosis crucial from the get-go. Bronchitis is a condition that can hit anyone regardless of age. Its usual […]

An Effective Complementary Treatment For Asthma

Asthma is a long term respiratory disease that affected an estimated three hundred million people around the world. Many organizations around the globe even organized multiple campaigns to raise awareness of this serious lifetime disease. There are lot of treatments in the medical field that been developed over the years but  still there is no […]

A Drug-Less Approach For Bronchitis Treatment

Being diagnosed with bronchitis either acute or chronic could be very devastating to a person to endure. It is a disease with no direct cure, that makes it a very dangerous illness for any person who contacted it. Many Pulmonologists will prescribe medications to open the airways to reduce wheezing and inflammation. Others patients will […]